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Bennett’s Island Trilogy revisited

Some of you know my story – how I came to live on an island. It goes something like this: “years ago, when I was living in California, I came across Elisabeth Ogilvie’s novels about an island off the coast of Maine, and the families that lived there. When I read these books, I thought ‘someday I want to live on an island in Maine.'” Now I’m fortunate enough to call Long Island home, so when I reread these books, do they still hold the .same magic for me? I’m happy to say that they still do. I just finished rereading the third in the¬†trilogy, which consists of High Tide at Noon (1944), The Storm Tide (1945), The Ebb Tide (1947). Ogilvie contined to write about the characters well beyond the initial trilogy, for about 50 years, but these¬†first three books are the ones that really captured my imagination with their descriptions, voice, plots, and characters.