San Juan Happy Tummies Library Trip

So, here’s a good cause – we are so blessed on Long Island to have a beautiful library – doesn’t everyone deserve a library in their neighborhood? Julie Williams, the Librarian at Willard School in Sanford, Maine, is heading to Guatemala in June, and one of her goals is to build a library. Julie would love to have some support from folks in Maine for this wonderful project. Barbara and Dave Ramey are Long Islanders who spend the winters in Guatemala, and bring back great stories about their time there. Here is a great way for us to connect with Barbara and Dave, as well as support a good cause.

For more information go to Julie’s GoFundMe site:


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  1. Here’s a follow up from Julie:
    I just wanted to take and minute and thank everyone who donated either money or Spanish books for the library in Guatemala. I left for Guatemala on June 24th with 325 Spanish or bilingual books already catalogued (and thanks Delta for not charging me anything for my checked bags). A big shout out to Springvale Library and Sheila Dube for a large donation of Spanish books. I used Library Thing to catalog the books and their TinyCat system is what is used for circulation. In the 2 weeks that I was there I catalogued another 1400 books and got the students all set up to check out books. I also organized their existing location because the new library is not quite finished. The people down there were very grateful and surprised at how professional everything was. I don’t believe the school in town has any kind of library and the “public” library has limited materials which all must be used there. Thanks again to all those who helped in any way. I am not sure when !
    I will be going back down but if you every have Spanish books that you don’t know what to do with I will gladly take them with me. If the San Juan library already has the book there are several other locations that the group works with that will take them.

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