A Nova Scotian island library

Recent travels took us to an island off the coast of Nova Scotia’s south shore: Tancook Island. The congenial crew member pointed us in the direction of his house, where his wife, Hillary, runs the island museum, art gallery (Wishing Stones), and … library! Books spill out everywhere in this charming spot, as well as shelves full of videos, magazines, board games, and puzzles. There were comfortable chairs and couches to relax in, and a wood stove to keep warm by in the colder months.

Hillary started the library with her own books, but once the word got out that there was a library on the island books began to appear. She connected with the South Shore public library system, which offers a rotating selection of books and videos through a bookmobile that comes to Chester, the town on the mainland which the ferry from Tancook connects to.

Hillary doesn’t bother with a check out system – instead, she trusts the islanders to return the books in a timely manner, and they do! Overall, Hillary provides a comfortable gathering place on Tancook Island, where anyone in the community of about 100 souls (in the winter) is welcome to hang out, knit, visit, and read.

For more on Tancook’s library see: http://www.wishingstonesgallery.com/9322.html

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